Table Tennis

Basic Rules

Scoring and Games

- Games are played to 11 points.
- Players serve two serves each, alternating. A player does not have to win specifically off their own serve in order to win a point.
- If a game ties at 10-10, a player must win by 2 points. In this situation, players serve one serve each, alternating.
- In IM Sports competition, matches are played best of 3 (first to win 2 games).

Legal Serving

- You must throw the ball up straight, from a flat palm, at least 6 inches (16cm).
- Your toss and service contact must be behind the table surface (not over).
- You cannot hide the ball from the ball toss to contact, with any part of your body.
- If the ball hits the net during service, it is a let, the point is replayed. There is no limit or point deductions for let serves.

Equipment Basics

- A table tennis racket must be one side black, one side (recently approved) any approved color.
- The official approved ball is the 40mm+ plastic ball.
- The dimensions of an approved table tennis table are: 9ft long, 5ft wide, 2.5ft high.
- The approved height of a table tennis net is: 6 inches.