NFHS Rules will govern all play with the exception of those listed below.

STARTING THE GAME: Each team must have at least 4 players present, ready to play, at the designated game time. If a team is not present at game time, the Forfeit Procedure that is outlined in the Participant Handbook will be followed.

PLAYING PERIOD: A game will consist of two halves of 20 minutes each (running time) with three minutes between halves.  The clock will not stop for a foul, a held ball, or a violation until there is less than two minutes remaining in the second half or less than 1 minute remaining in an overtime period.  The clock will stop for injuries and for an officials time out at any point in the game.

TIME OUTS: Each team is allowed two thirty second time outs per half.  Time outs do not carry over from one period to the next.

FOULS: Team foul totals and individual foul totals will be recorded. An individual will be disqualified after commiting his/her fifth foul and will be ejected after committing two technical fouls, one flagrant foul, or one flagrant technical foul. Free throws will be awarded for all fouls committed on a player in the act of shooting and for all fouls committed after the 6th team foul. The 7th, 8th, and 9th team foul will result in single bonus (1-and-1) Free throws. All fouls committed after the 9th team foul will result in double bonus (2) free throws. An automatic two points (no FTs) will be awarded to the offended team for Technical, Intentional, and Flagrant fouls.

OVERTIME:  When the score is tied at the end of regulation, the game shall continue without a change of baskets for an overtime period of 3 minutes (2 minutes running time, 1 minute of stop time) with an intermission of 1 minute before the extra period.  A jump ball at center court will start the extra period. All foul totals carry over into overtime and are administered the same as during a regular period. Each team is allowed one time-out in the overtime period, timeouts do not carry over from regulation in to overtime. If the score is still tied after an overtime period during regular season play, the game ends in a tie. Playoff games will continue to play extra periods until a winner is determined.

SUBSTITUTIONS:  Substitutes must check in at the scorer's table and will enter the game only when beckoned by the officials. Players may re-enter as many times as desired uless disqualified as a result of personal fouls or ejected by officials. Failure to wait for the official's signal to enter will result in a warning to both teams and a technical foul thereafter.

EQUIPMENT:  Closed toed gym shoes with a non-marking sole must be worn. Hats, bandanas, "do-rags", jeans, and jewelry are prohibited. The HOME team will wear white numbered jerseys. The AWAY team will wear green numbered jerseys. Players may wear their own jersey, given that the color matches the rest of the team, and it has a unique number. All players who check out a jersey from the officiating staff must wear a full t-shirt under that jersey.

MERCY RULE: To provide everyone with a quality playing experience, a "mercy rule" will take effect if the point differential reaches 50 points at any time during the game or at 30 points with less than 5 minutes remaining in the game.

PLAYER, COACH, AND SPECTATOR CONDUCT:  Use of harassing language or other behaviors that relate to a person's race, age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, handicapping condition, or political persuasion is not acceptable in MSU intramural programs.  Consequently, intramural staff have the authority and responsibility to penalize, disqualify, and/or eject intramural participants engaging in such behaviors.

Refer to the Intramural Sports Participant Handbook for specific infractions and enforcement of Conduct violations.

PLAYOFFS:  Any team qualifying for the playoffs will not be allowed into the playoffs if:

The team has had more than two ejections during the regular season. (Note: Any player ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct during the playoffs will not be eligible for the remainder of the playoffs.)

The team has a player(s) who has been ejected from a game but has failed to meet with Intramural Sports Staff prior to the last day of regular season play.

The team has forfeited more than one game during the regular season. 




A playing team of five members must consist of 3 women and 2 men.

A playing team of four members must consist of 2 men and 2 women.

There are no other restrictions or point modifications in CoRec basketball.

Revised 10/2016

NFHS Rules will govern all play with the exception of those listed below.


Section 1: The game shall be played by two teams of three players each

          Article 1: Each team must have three players ready to play in order to start the game.

Section 2: The playing court shall be once half of one regulation basketball court.

Section 3: Rock-paper-scissors shall determine which team starts the game with possession of the ball.

Section 4: Each game will be played to 30 successful field goals, or 30 minutes, whichever comes first.

          Article 1: Point totals for each field goal are NOT calculated. A successful 2pt field goal attempt is worth the same value as a successful 3pt field goal attempt.

          Article 2: A 'half-time' break will be taken when one team has made 15 successful field goals.

          Article 3: The second half will begin with the team that is trailing at the time putting the ball in play.


Section 1: The ball shall be put in play from the 'check-line'. Located at the top of the free throw circle, approximately 3 feet outside the 3pt arc.

          Article 1: The player putting the ball in play must pass the ball to a teammate. That player cannot immediately drive to the basket.

          Article 2: After a made basket the opposing team must put the ball in play from the check-line.

          Article 3: After a foul is committed, the offended team shall put the ball in play from the check-line.


Section 1: A player who commits a foul, is responsible for calling it.

          Article 1: If a player who commits a foul refuses to call it, the offended player may do so.

Section 2: The PENALTY for a foul awards the ball to the offended team at the check-line.

          Exception: A player who is fouled in the act of shooting does not retain the ball if the field goal attempt is successful.

Section 3: If opponents cannot come to an agreement on if a foul was committed or not, the team in possession of the ball will shoot 'do-or-die' from the top of the free throw circle.


Section 1: A player who commits a violation, is responsible for calling it.

          Article 1: If a play who commits a violation refuses to call it, the opposing team may do so.

Section 2: The PENALTY for a violation awards the ball to the opposing team at the check-line.

Section 3: If opponents cannot come to an agreement on if a violation was committed or not, the team in possession of the ball will shoot 'do-or-die' from the top of the free throw circle.


Section 1: When opponents gain simulataneous control of the ball, and neither player can gain sole possession without undue roughness, the defensive team shall be awarded the ball at the check-line.


Section 1: Each team shall be allowed one time out per half. Each time out shall be one minute in length. 

          Article 1: Time outs do not carry over if they go unused during a half.