IM Sports

All in-person IM Sports have been suspended at this time (Fall 2020). eSports are currently being offered. Please check the Activity Schedule for updates.

Recreational Sports and Fitness Services offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in many Intramural Sports and activities on a competitive and recreational level. All skill levels are welcome. There are over ten team sports with many special events and tournaments offered each year.


Activities Offered:

Fall Semester: Flag Football, Soccer, Sand Volleyball, Pickleball, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Indoor Volleyball, Golf, 3v3 Basketball, 5v5 Basketball, Yard Games Series, and eSports.

Spring Semester: 5v5 Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Indoor Volleyball, Walleyball, Ice Hockey, Pickleball, Softball, Log Rolling, and Golf.

Summer Session 1: Soccer, 5v5 Basketball, Kickball, Softball, and Sand Volleyball.

Summer Session 2: Soccer, 5v5 Basketball, and Sand Volleyball.

New Activities coming soon: Battleship, Badminton, and Table Tennis.