IM Sports 101

Welcome to Intramural Sports at Michigan State! IM Sports are recreational activities tailored specifically to the interests of students at MSU, where they can compete against other MSU students. Slightly different than club sports, and vastly different than varsity sports, IM Sports provides a wide range of opportunities for students to try out new things in a friendly and engaging environment without a lot of time commitment.

Check the Activity Schedule to see what is being offered this semester!

  • Registration

    All registration is completed online through IMLeagues.

    Each team captain must complete the registration by creating their team and paying their team entry fee before the league reaches capacity and/or the registration deadline passes (whichever comes first).

  • Activities Offered

    Fall Semester: Flag Football, Soccer, Sand Volleyball, Pickleball, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Indoor Volleyball, Golf, 3v3 Basketball, 5v5 Basketball, Yard Games Series

    Spring Semester: 5v5 Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Indoor Volleyball, Walleyball, Ice Hockey, Pickleball, Softball, Log Rolling, Golf.

    Summer Session 1: Soccer, 5v5 Basketball, Kickball, Softball, Sand Volleyball

    Summer Session 2: Soccer, 5v5 Basketball, and Sand Volleyball

    New Activities coming soon: Battleship, Badminton, Table Tennis

  • Leagues Offered

    Men's - all participants who identify as male are eligible

    Women's - all participants who identify as female are eligible

    CoRec - teams are made up of participants who identify as male and participants who identify as female

    Neighborhood - all participants must 'Live On' campus

    Fraternity - all participants must be an active member of a recognized MSU fraternity

    Grad/Fac - all participants must be a current Graduate student, faculty member, or staff member

    Unified - teams are made up of Special Olympics Athletes and MSU Student Partners 

  • Rules

    Each intramural activity is administered in accordance with rules set by a national governing body. Those standards are sometimes modified to fit within the scope of the intramural sports program. 

    The most important set of rules is the Participant Handbook. The handbook outlines the standards and expectations for all intramural activities at MSU. This is mandatory reading for all intramural participants.

  • Create a Team

    Step 1: go to IMLeagues

    Step 2: create an IMLeagues account using your MSU email address (unless you already have an account)

    Step 3: locate the activity, league, and division you want to play in

    Step 4: click Create Team

    Step 5: submit your team's Time Preferences

    Step 6: complete your team and individual payment

    Step 7: invite your teammates to join!

  • Join a Team

    Step 1: make sure your team captain has already created the team

    Step 2: go to IMLeagues

    Step 3: create an account using your MSU email address (unless you already have an account)

    Step 4: find the team you want to join (or accept the invitation sent by your team captain)

    Step 5: click Join Team

    Step 6: submit your Individual Player payment

    Step 7: invite your teammates to join!

  • Game Days and Times

    Intramural games are typically scheduled and played on campus once per week. Most sports include a four week regular season game schedule.

    Sundays: 12p-12a

    Mondays-Thursdays: 6p-12a

    Fridays: 5p-8p

  • Time Preferences

    Teams are usually given the opportunity to select Time Preferences when the Team Captain creates the team.

    This allows them to block out a specific number of time slots that their team is unavailable to play in.

    Regular Season games will then be scheduled around those preferences whenever possible.

    Playoff games cannot be scheduled around time preferences.

  • Playoffs

    Following the completion of the regular season, all teams (unless they are excluded for game attendance or behavioral issues) are entered into a single elimination playoff bracket.

    The bracket will conclude in as timely of fashion as possible, to crown Intramural Champions in each league that is offered.