General: The Participant Handbook presides over all IM Sports contests and USA Broomball Rules will govern specific game play. Any modifications are posted below.

The Game: Broomball is played with an inflated ball by two teams of 6 players each (5 players and a goalie), on a sheet of ice. Two 13 minute, running clock, time periods will constitute regulation play. If necessary, one 3 minute, running clock, overtime period will be used to determine a winner.

Playing Surface: Game play will be confined to the 'Attacking Zone' of a regulation ice hockey rink. The ice will be 'chewed up' in order to provide a small amount of traction for players.

Goals: Regulation ice hockey goals will be used. Each goal will be placed approximately 10 feet from the side boards, evenly spaced between the blue line and the end boards.

Face Offs: All face offs will be conducted at the mid-point between the two goals. Each team will be required to line-up on their defensive half prior to each face off. 

Teams: Each team must have at least 4 players in order to start a game. All players must appear on the IMLeagues team roster in order to play. If a team is reduced to less than 4 players because of injury or some other reason, the referee will allow play to continue if he/she believes the shorthanded team has a chance to win. If a team is reduced to less than 4 players because of player ejection, the contest will be deemed a forfeit.

Uniforms: All players on each team must wear the same predominant color. Home team shall wear BLACK helmets and use BLACK brooms. Away team shall wear WHITE helmets and use RED brooms. 

Equipment: All players must wear a hockey style HECC certified helmet, with full cage. If a player does not have their own helmet/cage, one will be provided by the Department. Brooms will be provided. Any equipment deemed to be dangerous will not be allowed.

Penalties: Minor penalties result in the offending player serving 2 minutes. Major penalties result in the offending player serving 5 minutes. During this time period, the offending team will play short handed. If a goal is scored by the offended team during the penalty time, the short handed team will return to full strength.

Playing the Ball: Players may only play the ball below the height of the crossbar of the goal. Only the goalie is allowed to pass the ball with his/her hands.

CoRec Modifications: At least 2 females (not counting the goalie) must be on the ice at all times, unless reduced by penalty.