Group Fitness

We offer our signature group exercise classes with the instructors you love online and in person. Here's a video on how to access these classes, a membership is required to attend these classes.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR ALL CYCLE CLASSES! Registration begins 48 hours before scheduled class.  Registration link,

Class Schedule


Beginner Strength Training

This class includes a proper warm-up, corrective exercises, flexibility and stretching. The 30 minute strength and conditioning class includes body-weight and weight lifting exercises.

Butts & Guts:

Come experience a workout designed to shape and tone up your lower body and mid-section.

Cardio and Weights

This class encompasses weighted and body weight exercises to gain muscle mass, while achieving cardiovascular endurance.This class targets all muscle groups by engaging in dynamic and isometric movements.

Cardio Dance

Exhilarating cardio class set to radio hits (pop, club, hip hop) that uses music and easy to follow moves combining fast and slow rhythms, (interval training) to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.

Cardio Interval Training - HIIT

The class is sequenced for at approximately 50 minutes.The intensity level is moderate but can be adjusted per individual needs. A person can expect to use their entire body during this class. However specific areas of focus are core strengthening and cardiac conditioning.  Two formats used in this class are listed below.

a. Utilizes equipment and is timed, faster paced and set up in stations.

b. Minimal equipment use if any, self paced, mostly callisthenics.

Cardio Kickboxing

The ultimate ab defining cardio challenge combining traditional kick boxing moves with high interval intensity training set to heart pounding music. Join the party for an unbelievable calorie burn!

Easier Said Than Run

Running class for all fitness levels. Meant for new runners who've always wanted to try running, runners who need additional encouragement, those who do not know where to start and for those looking for ways to connect with people.

Full Body Strength

30 minute class, break a sweat through various circuits all programmed to some of the hottest songs!First workout? Regular exerciser? No problem, everyone is welcome. This bodyweight workout is perfect for those looking for a quick workout that will get your body moving!

Integrated Defense:

Mental and physical fitness course designed to increase situational awareness, hone self-preservation instincts, evaluate the effectiveness of various commonly carried self-defense tools, and teach proper usage of physical techniques and self-defense tools in a physical confrontation, while improving physical strength and conditioning.

Mat Pilates

A full body workout that creates long lean muscles. This class is performed on a mat on the floor and achieves results by using gravity and your own bodys resistance-sometimes with props such as the ring or light weights.

Turbo Kick

Intense kickboxing moves spiced up with a little dance flavor, set to high energy music for a challenging
workout combining HIITs and endurance training. As fun as Zumba but with a high Insanity level calorie burn!

Strength Training

Build your strength, sculpt your body, increase bone density and decrease body fat. Use a variety of weight training and strength training equipment to change the shape of your body and speed up your metabolism.

Strength 101

Want to do more than just go thru the motions that you see on your screen-based workout?  Join a Certified Personal Trainer in this group-based workout format which will guide participants thru a balanced upper body and lower body workout as well as coach good form for good results.  All levels welcome with options to challenge yourself in this multi-level workout class.  Please arrive 10 minutes early to set up your work station.



Meet your soulmate workout! SOULfusion has elements of Yoga, Pilates and Barre. Each class is a creative blend of yoga inspired flows, short cardio bursts, balance sequences and body weight and weighted strength training exercises. This is all set to crazy fun music! It offers modifications for all levels in the group exercise environment. This class improves strength, balance and flexibility and can increase all over fitness levels. It is driven by music, movement and motivation! SOULfusion is all of your favorite workouts wrapped into one!

Step To It (Step Aerobics)

Fun, energetic, full-body cardio workout to help tone your butt and thighs.


A fusion of Latin and international music-dance themes that create a dynamic and exciting class. Based on the principle that a workout should be "fun and easy to do." The routines feature aerobic-fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

CYCLING CLASSES- Pre-Register for classes at link above.

Endurance Ride

Classes focus on building endurance and strength. The goal is to achieve a workout similar to riding a bike outdoors. Riders should feel confident and comfortable during this class.  All levels of experience are WELCOME! All classes are simple and easy to follow.

Express Ride

This class with serve as a high beat stationed class. From sprints to climbs to arm workouts while on the bike and also incorporating a song for the class to reflect and regroup. The exercise will go to the beat of the song at the time and will also include a pre and post stretch. Energy and Endurance is prevalent in this fun filled class.

Group Cycling

Pedal through hill climbs, sprints and many other challenging drills and exercises.  All experience levels are welcome.

Hiit the Bike

Short, stretches of cardio exercise—anywhere from 10 seconds to five minutes in length broken up by brief recovery periods.

Indoor Cycle

An indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music.  This class is set to exciting music tracks and choreographed to provide an excellent workout and improve cardiovascular conditioning.

Power Ride

Get inspired as you ride to the beat of the latest music. This forty-five minute class makes you work to the edge, focus on yourself and walk away feeling inspired by the work you accomplished on the bike.

Rhythm Ride

A forty-five minute indoor cycling class that is choreographed to the beat of the music. This workout will leave you motivated and energized!

Rhythm Ride Express

Everyone regardless of their cycling background is welcome. Providing a fun, supportive environment. focusing on motivating and empowering one another. Be prepared to work out and jam out! Come out and ride.


Core Yoga

Designed to stretch and strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. The program involves doing power yoga poses in combination with moves specifically designed to tone the muscles.

Hiit Yoga

Yoga style that combines intensive and heart-pumping exercises and traditional yoga poses.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga combines the flow of vinyasa yoga to warm up and stretch the muscles with a more challenging physical practice focused on strength building and flexibility training. During this class we will be focused on joining the mind and body to create a holistic practice that develops good mental, emotional, social, and physical wellness. This class is well suited for beginner to intermediate students seeking a more physically challenging class.

Slow Flow Yoga

Open to all! This class is appropriate for beginners and those who are new to yoga. It incorporates slow focused movements through flows and long periods of stretching. This class will cover foundational yoga poses, sun salutations and long slow holds. Come to class open to learn, relax and enjoy!

Virtual Yoga

Vinyasa yoga class for beginners to intermediate level Hatha Yoga practioners. Partipants can expect sun salutations A and B and extended sun B as well as core specific and back strengthening postures/exercises.

Yoga Fusion

Blends yoga poses with other fitness regimens, such as Pilates, strength training, dance, or even kickboxing.


A mixture of Pilates and yoga, get a workout that increases core strength and improves posture.

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