How do I sign up for a class?

There is no signing up in advance for a particular class. Our classes are ongoing which gives you the greatest flexibility for your ever changing student schedule! One week you might attend a yoga class on Monday and the next week a different night. It’s up to you!

What is included in the membership?

A Group Ex membership is just for Group Ex Classes and does not include the Fitness Center (free weights, treadmills, elliptical trainers, etc.).

Group Exercise memberships include classes through exam week of the respective academic semester. Any Group Exercise classes held after the last day of exam week, during semester breaks, and between semesters, the Drop-In Fee applies.

Where are Group Exercise Classes held?

IM East – Rm 100 – Multipurpose Room, and Racquetball Court 4 Cycling Studio.

IM West – Rm 151 – Cycling Studio

IM Circle – Rm 218 – Group Ex Studio

When are schedules for the upcoming semester going to get posted?

Even though it seems schedules are posted ‘at the last minute’ it will have the greatest amount of accuracy. Also remember that most of our instructors are students who are balancing their schedules just like you! Scheudles are posted online as follows:

Fall Semester: The Friday before Labor Day. Note: a seperate schedule will run from Thanksgiving through the last day of the semester.

Spring Semester: The Friday before the first day of classes.

Summer Semester: The friday before the first day of classes.

ALL Semesters: a seperate schedule is offered during Exam Week.

How do I buy a membership?

A semester membership is for unlimited usage - take as many classes as you like at any location: IM East, IM West, IM Circle. If you do the math, it will be a better value to buy a semester membership if you plan on taking two or more classes per week for the semester.

  • If purchasing in person, please bring your MSU ID which will be used for access to the building and purchasing the membership.
  • You can use check, cash, Spartan Cash, or Visa / MasterCard.
  • You can charge your membership to your student account.
  • You can buy your membership online at www.recsports.msu.edu and click on ‘Purchase Membership’.
  • You can use the drop-in fee of $4.00 to pay-as-you-go. This type of daily is NOT available online and must be paid in person the day of the class.
Can I buy a membership for both the Fitness Center and Group Ex?

Yes! You'll receive a discount if you buy both the Fitness Center AND Group Ex as a package.