Purchase/Manage my Membership

Note: You must wear an athletic shoe to workout. Sandals and Crocs are not allowed.

 MSU students pay a mandatory fee per semester on their tuition bill to help fund enhancements to Rec Sports Facilities. Students need to activate their membership in the membership self serve system, which consists of linking your ID card and pressing a button to activate it.

Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Retirees are welcome to purchase a membership as well. Pricing is the same across the board for all.

Note for Graduate Teaching Assistants. As part of your collective bargaining agreement, you are exempt from paying the mandatory fee on your tuition bill. Therefore, if you would like to have a membership, you must purchase a membership.

For those purchasing a membership, we support Apple Pay and Google Wallet, all major credit cards, and your membership is immediately active upon purchase.

Purchase/Manage my Membership

Pricing (Note we do NOT allow guests, you must be a Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumni or Retiree.)

$170 - Semester
$45 - Month
$15 - Week
$6 - Day (expires at midnight)

At around the midpoint of the semester, the semester pricing will automatically prorate. The system always gives you the best value, so there's no need to wait to purchase.