Student Jobs

Recreational Sports and Fitness Services employs over 400 students each year. Students will learn the following skills while working in a fun and engaging environment. 

  • Develop relationships with management
  • Ability to realistically appraise skills
  • Leadership and delegation skills
  • Ability to receive and provide constructive criticism
  • Stress and time management skills

Any/all job openings will be posted below.

  • Hiring Process

    Each position offered in the Department, has a slightly different hiring process. Details for each position can be obtained from the program area's Supervisor.

    Once a student has been offered a position with Recreational Sports and Fitness Services they MUST provide the following documents and information to the hiring supervisor before the first scheduled shift.  

    • Employment Application
    • Social Security Card
    • Drivers License or Passport
    • MSU ID Card

    Failure to submit the preceding information and documents to the hiring supervisor, will nullify the employment opportunity.    

    29 Hours per Week

    A student employee cannot work more than 29 hours per week (20 for international students) regardless of position held in any Michigan State University unit.  It is the employee’s responsibility to notify the professional staff if they are approaching this limit. Going over 29 hours 3 times in one semester will result in immediate termination from all campus jobs by Human Resources.

  • Payroll

    It is mandatory that all Student and Grad Student team members use Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) to keep their information for Payroll up-to-date.

    • You will not be able to access EBS until your HR paperwork is completed, submitted to your hiring supervisor, and processed through the university system.  
    • EBS will allow team members to view, add or perform changes to their direct deposit, Federal and State W-4’s, address information (if you move, update your address), and to view and print W-2. It is very important to keep your address up-to-date. The Payroll Office now sends W-2s in January to the address in the EBS system.
    • You can keep track of the payroll schedule dates of work and when paid under Payroll Schedule for biweekly team members

     If you are hired in the middle of a pay period, it may result in a few weeks delay before receiving your first check so please review this calendar.

  • Direct Deposit

    To fill out your Direct Deposit please follow the following steps:

      1. Access

      2. Select the EBS portal login tab

      3. Log in using your MSU NetID and password.

      4. Select the ESS (Employee Self-Service) tab.

      5. Select the Payroll tab:

    Direct Deposit Information:

    Enroll, change or cancel the direct deposit of net pay.