Facility Access

Membership Required

Participants MUST bring a valid MSU Issued ID Card (or credential) to enter any Recreational Sports and Fitness Services facility. To be considered VALID, the person's status with the University (student, staff, and spouse) must be in good standing according to the MSU Database when entering the facilities. Additionally, an MSU Issued ID Card must clearly show all pertinent information on the front (picture, name, ID number). If you have questions about the validity of your MSU Issued ID Card, please visit the ID Office in Room 170 in the International Center.

  • Students, Faculty/Staff, MSU Retirees, and Other Eligible Individuals (OEI)

    Students, Faculty/Staff, MSU Retirees, and Other Eligible Individuals (OEI) may be eligible for access to Recreational Sports Facilities with presentation of their valid MSU ID Card.

    Eligibility is determined by MSU Administration.

  • Alumni

    MSU Alumni can now access our membership only facilities.

    For more information regarding the Alumni Access procedure, please visit this page.

  • Community Members

    Recreational Sports Facilities do not offer access to general community members, except for those individuals that purchase Memberships to the MSU Sailing Center

  • Guests
    Recreational Sports Facilities offer limited access to Guests. The Sailing center at Lake Lansing has memberships and is open to the public. MSU Sailing Center.
  • Family

    Recreational Sports Facilities offer designated times for family recreation and/or family swim. During these times students or faculty/staff who have dependent children (age 17 and below) are encouraged to explore and recreate.

    *Dependent children must be accompanied by the respective MSU ID Holder at all times inside the Facility.


    *Family Recreation is NOT OFFERED for the extended family or friends of any MSU ID Holder.