Self Defense Progam

The Rec Sports Self Defense Program is a FREE, 2 hour workshop designed for MSU students. It focuses on myths and stereotypes surrounding sexual assault and provides participants with some physical skills that could be used to ward off a potential attacker.  The program is empowering and fun!  Request a program for your Registered Student Organization (RSO) or floor and we will come to your meeting place on campus (including study lounges in the Residence Halls).  This program is open to all genders.  To schedule a program, please contact Angela Michael.

Rec Sports has partnered with the MSU Police Department to bring a 9 hour R.A.D. Self Defense Program to campus each fall and spring semester.  This program has a low cost and is a 9 hours long.  For more information on when we are offering the next R.A.D. class, please contact Angela Michael.

Angela Michael can be reached by phone or e-mail:  (517) 432-2661