Alumni Access Procedure

Procedure for verification of alumni status for access to Rec Sport facilities

  1. Email proof of MSU graduation. (scan diploma, transcript only showing completion of degree) to
  2. Once initial verification has take place you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to purchase your membership for access to Rec Sport facilities. Your membership options include the following (daily, weekly, monthly or semester). Once initial verification is complete you will no longer need to verify alumni status for future membership purchases.
  3. Follow instructions to purchase your facility membership online via credit card payment. Due to Covid-19 Rec Sports no longer accepts in person cash transactions.
  4. When coming into Rec Sport facilities please bring a photo ID to show to the door monitor at the respective Rec Sports building to verify active membership for facility access and complete the university health screening form electronically to present email receipt to door monitor to verify form completion. Ask the door monitor for verify your membership with phone number lookup.
  5. Enjoy the MSU Rec Sports facilities and programs.
  • Building Access
    An authorized user with prior verification of Alumni status may use the intramural facilities at IM Sports West, IM Sports East and IM Sports Circle. This includes fitness centers, group exercise classes, basketball gymnasiums, racquetball courts, indoor track (IM East), indoor pools, turf arena (IM West) and squash courts with a related membership (daily, weekly, monthly, or semester).
  • FAQs
    May I bring guests with me?
    Except for the provisions of family member access outlined in this policy, guests are not permitted. This is consistent with the access policies for students, faculty and staff.
    How do I obtain access to the IM Circle locker rooms?
    Access to the locker rooms at IM Circle requires an active Recreational Sports ID Card. A separate, secure access card is also required for gaining entrance to the locker rooms. You would obtain this through the MSU ID Office, which is located in Room 170 in the International Center. The fee for this ID is $10 and you would also be required to bring a completed special form from the Department of Recreational Sports and Fitness Services. This special form may be obtained when you initially get your Recreational Sports ID Card at IM West or it may be obtained from Angela Michael, Facility Manager at IM Circle. She may be reached by phone at 517-432-2661 or by e-mail at
    Questions or Concerns
    For questions regarding how to obtain a Recreational Sports ID Card, please contact Marcia Fittro, 517-355-5250 or