IM Sports

One of the most difficult tasks in any intramural program is the recruitment and training of student officials—the backbone of our Intramural sports program. The primary prerequisites for all officials are dependability, self-confidence, a willingness to learn and study the rules, and the ability to communicate tactfully with participants.

These officials assume an immense task and are there to help produce healthy, fun, and safe playing environments. In an attempt to maintain the quality of the service provided, training clinics are required for each sport.

Pay starts at $13.00 per hour and work schedules are built around your availability.

The Department is not currently applications for Sports Officials. Please contact Assistant Director Ross Winter at to inquire about Summer and Fall Semester employment.

Sports Officials are responsible for refereeing Intramural events for all levels of competition. Sports officials will be expected to achieve a level of competence in their chosen sport(s). Further, they are to comply with all the policies and procedures of the Recreational Sports and Fitness Services Department.

Sports Officials will be under the general authority of the Intramural Director assigned to each sport and the Recreational Sports and Fitness Services Department. Ultimately, a Sports Official will report to their Sport Supervisor/Coordinator during their shifts.

Sports Officials will be trained and provided with the means to succeed at their job. After an appropriate matter of time (as determined by the Intramural Director) a Sports Official must have:
  • Mastered the basics of general officiating (poise, confidence, control).
  • Working knowledge of the rules and mechanics of their sport(s).
  • An awareness of and ability to enforce the policies of the Department.  
  • Learned how to assist in setting up and breaking down the sport(s) site.
  • Dedicated to work for the general maintenance and improvement of the Department. 
Sports Officials will also be required to know and execute general procedures associated with Intramural competitions. This includes, but, is not limited to:
  • Assisting with injured participants
  • Assisting with ejected and unruly participants
  • Documenting incidents, accidents, ejections and injuries as they occur.
  • Acknowledging and working with the evaluations of a Sport Supervisor.
  • Being able to identify violations of the Intramural Participant Handbook and being willing to notify a Supervisor of such infractions as they occur.  
Besides officiating, a Sports Official will be required to follow the directions of Supervisors and complete any tasks assigned during a shift for the good of the Intramural Program. This includes, but, is not limited to:
  • Scoring/Timing a contest
  • Setting up and breaking down a field/court
  • Evaluating and training new officials
  • Reviewing officiating educational material
  • Practicing officiating mechanics/signals/positioning/whistling