The Fleet

The MSU Sailing center offers a wide variety of sailboats and paddlecraft. Our sail boats range from family day sailboats, to high performance sailboats, as well as sailboats designed for youths. Our paddlecraft include a wide variety of stand up paddle boards (SUPs), and kayaks, as well as 16 foot aluminum canoes.  Student staff and volunteers learn to repair, refurbish, and maintain our valuable boats throughout the year. Most of the Center's sailboats were donated

Some of our more popular boats are the following:
* availability of boats may change based on conditions, staffing and boat repairs. Please check with the MSU Sailing Center Staff for boat availability.

O'pen BIC  

Length: 9 ft.

Beam: 3 ft. 9 in.

Weight: 99 lbs (hull)

Sail Area: 48 sq. ft.



Length: 13 ft. 10 in.

Beam: 4 ft. 1 in.

Draft: 2 ft. 8 in.

Weight: 129 lbs.

Sail Area: 75 sq. ft.

Flying Scot

flying scot

Length: 19 ft.

Beam: 6 ft. 9 in.

Draft: 4 ft.

Weight: 850 lbs.

Sail Area: Main, 138 sq. ft.; jib, 53 sq. ft.

 Flying Junior (FJ) or (CFJ)


Length: 13 ft. 3 in.

Beam: 5 ft. 3 in.

Weight: 210 lbs.

Sail Area: Main, 65 sq. ft.; jib, 35 sq. ft.


Length: 12 ft.

Beam: 4ft. 6 in.

Draft: 1 ft. 3 in (hull only)

Weight: 137 lbs. (hull only)

Sail Area: 75 sq. ft.

Laser (Laser M)

Length: 13 ft. 10.25 in.

Beam: 4 ft. 6 in.

Draft: 2 ft. 8 in. (scaled)

Weight: 130 lbs. (hull only)

Sail Area: 76 sq. ft.; M, 60 sq. ft.


Length: 14 ft.

Beam: 5 ft. 8 in.

Draft: 3 ft. 10 in.

Weight: 524 lbs.

Sail Area: Main and Jib, 125 sq. ft.


Length: 18 ft.

Beam: 6 ft. 3 in.

Draft: 4 ft. 7 in.

Weight: 650 lbs

Sail Area: Main, 125 sq. ft.; jib, 50 sq. ft.

Rhodes 19

Legth: 19 ft. 2 in.

Beam: 7 ft.

Draft: 4 ft. 11 in. (centerboard)

Weight: 1,000 lbs. (centerboard)

Sail Area: Main, 112.5 sq. ft.; Jib, 60.5 sq. ft.