Hours of Operation

Fall Hours

See how busy the buildings are before visiting.

IM West

Sunday 10am-10pm
Monday 6am-11pm
Tuesday 6am-11pm
Wednesday 6am-11pm
Thursday 6am-11pm
Friday 6am-11pm
Saturday 10am-9pm

Family Recreation 10am-2pm weekends.

IM West Pool

Sunday 11am 4pm Lap Swim Diving Open
Monday 6:30am 2pm    4pm-6:30pm Lap
Tuesday 6:30am 2pm    4pm-6:30pm Lap
Wednesday 6:30am 2pm    4pm-6:30pm Lap
Thursday 6:30am 2pm    4pm-6:30pm Lap
Friday 6:30am 2pm    4pm-6:30pm Lap
Saturday 11am 4pm Lap Swim Diving Open

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Pool Closed Saturday, OCTOBER 1st, ALL DAY for MSU Swim Club Invitational  

Lap Swim always available when open. Diving boards closed Mon - Friday 6:30am - 2pm.

IM East

Sunday 10am 10pm
Monday 7am 11pm
Tuesday 7am 11pm
Wednesday 7am 11pm
Thursday 7am 11pm
Friday 7am 11pm
Saturday 10am 9pm

IM Circle

Sunday 12pm 5pm
Monday 7am 10pm
Tuesday 7am 10pm
Wednesday 7am 10pm
Thursday 7am 10pm
Friday 7am 8pm
Saturday 12pm 5pm

IM Circle Family Recreation (Gyms/Pool)

Sunday 3pm 4pm
Monday 6:30pm 8pm
Tuesday 6:30pm 8pm
Wednesday 6:30pm 8pm
Thursday 6:30pm 8pm
Friday 6:30pm 8pm
Saturday 3pm 4pm

IM Circle Pool

Sunday 1pm 3pm
Monday 10am 4pm
Tuesday 10am 4pm
Wednesday 10am 4pm
Thursday 10am 4pm
Friday 10am 4pm
Saturday 1pm 3pm

Family Swim: M/W/F: 4pm-6pm. Weekends 3pm-4pm