Acknowledgement of Risk




Michigan State University, a public educational institution, here includes its Board of Trustees, employees, volunteers, and students (“MSU”).


I                                                                   , freely choose to participate in Michigan State University’s Club Sports Program (“Program”) as a member/participant in activities of the


                                                                                         Club Team.


I recognize that participation in activities of the Program involves the risk of serious injury, and potentially even the loss of limb or life. Some of the risks are predictable in nature, but unanticipated consequences are also possible. These risks may result from the Program itself, from the acts of others, or from the unavailability of emergency medical care. Participation may require me to travel in a personal vehicle or rented vehicle. Knowing all this, I want to participate in the Program. I acknowledge and agree that I am assuming the risks that may arise out of my participation in the Program, and I assume responsibility for my participation.


I understand that participation in this Program is voluntary. I may withdraw at any time. I certify that I have the skills, physical ability and training needed to safely participate in the Program. (I understand I need to direct any questions I may have in this regard to the coach or other responsible individual associated with the team or activity.) I also agree to abide by Program rules and regulations.


In case of a medical emergency occurring during my participation in this Program, I authorize MSU to secure whatever medical care is deemed necessary. MSU may, but is not obliged, to take actions it deems warranted for my health and safety.


I agree I am responsible for all expenses for medical care or costs associated in case of injury.


I have read and understand this document, and I acknowledge the risks associated with the Program.





                                            Participant Signature