Spartan Swim School


Participant Handbook


Welcome to Michigan State University's Spartan Swim School. Spartan Swim School is a swim lesson program offered by the Recreational Sports and Fitness Services department.  Class sized are limited to 14-15 students.  Our goal is to keep the number of students assigned to an instructor low to ensure a quality swim lesson and accelerated learning.  Classes are not designated by skill level; each class is adjusted to meet all the needs of the participants, which allows for families and friends to have students of different levels in the same class.  Class offerings are based on the Michigan State University semester calendar: Fall Semester Session (begins in September), Spring Semester Session (begins in January), and Summer Semester Session (begins in June).


This program is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 14 years of age.  Children will be taught fundamental water safety and aquatic skills.  These include:

  • Orientation to the aquatic environment
  • Basic aquatic skills
  • Develop rudimentary propulsive skills
  • Learn how to become comfortable around water

As children progress through classes they will have the opportunity to develop, practice, and refine swimming skills in a positive water environment.


Skill Levels Include:

  • Introduction to water skills
  • Fundamental aquatic skills
  • Stroke development
  • Stroke improvement
  • Stroke refinement


All Spartan Swim School Classes are held at the IM Circle Pool.  Entrance for the swim school is located on the ground floor entering through the front of the building.  Swim School Participants are limited to the use of the pool area, balcony, and locker rooms only.  Swim lesson teaching equipment is provided by Swim School Staff and personal teaching equipment shall not be allowed.  The pool facility has a male and female locker room, and access to a family locker room upon request.  If you seek special accommodations, please contact the swim coordinator.  Swim School parking utilizes parking lot: Lot 62W (IM Sports West).  For details regarding parking, visit the MSU Police website for parking and special events.


Class Overview:  Swim lessons are taught by swim instructors only; parents are not actively participating in the swim lesson.  Swim Instructors are supervised by the Swim Coordinator; Swim Coordinator assigns students to swim instructors and supervises deck.  A lifeguard is assigned to every class to help with class water safety.  The Spartan Swim School Program is Overseen by the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports and Fitness Services Aquatics Director.


Swim School Program Procedures and Rules:

  • Parents are to remain in the pool area while the swim lesson is taking place.
  • Parents can request a private change area in utilizing family change locker room.
  • Swim School Participants and Parents are expected to follow directions given by Swim School Staff.
  • Participants and Parents must abide by all Michigan State University regulations and may be removed from the program for violation of such rules.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, fireworks, guns, and other weapons are PROHIBITED.
  • No violence of any kind will be tolerated toward participants or staff.
  • Sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and other sexually inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Harassment in violation of the University Anti-Discrimination Policy will not be tolerated.
  • Hazing and Bullying (physical, verbal or cyber-bullying) will not be tolerated.
  • Cameras and other digital recording devices are prohibited from showers, locker room, restrooms, and other areas where privacy is expected.
  • No theft of property regardless of owner shall be tolerated.
  • Misuse or damage to University property is prohibited and participants may be financially responsible for damage or misuse of University property.


Any program procedures or rules violations shall be reported to any Spartan Swim School Staff.  If a program procedure or rule violation may result in removal from the Spartan Swim School.   Director.

Please follow Link below and fill out forms to bring to Swim Classes before your first lesson:

MSU Parent/Guardian Consent Form, Media Release Form, and Medical Treatment and Authorization Form:

If you have any questions or concerns about the Swim School program please call 432-1475 or 355-5257.