IM Circle

IM Circle.front517-355-4710
308 W. Circle Drive
East Lansing, MI 48824

IM Circle is a shared facility with the Department of Kinesiology, across the Red Cedar River from the IM West.

  • IM Circle Facility Reservation Procedure


    People who use the Recreational Sports services at the IM Sports Circle should be aware of the following guidelines concerning the reservation system:

    Who can make reservations?

    Only currently enrolled MSU students, faculty or staff are allowed admittance into the IM Circle facility, (and all other Rec Sports facilities) therefore only current MSU students, faculty and staff are allowed to make reservations.

    When can they be made?

    Reservations for all days of the week will begin at 12:00 p.m. the day before

    Where and how can they be made?

    Reservations can be made at IM Circle by calling (517) 355-4710 or in person at Room 122. 

    When must reservations be honored?

    Once the supervisor has written in the reserved time on the weekly calendar, the court or area designated may be used for the period of time recorded.

    How many reservations can you have?

    One person or group can only make one reservation for the same type of facility area per day.

    What happens if a reservation is not picked up?

    The area returns to a “first come, first served” basis. 


    Any violations of these use guidelines will result in loss of the reservation.  Violations should be reported to Room 122.  Participants who monopolize courts, do not honor reservations or stack reservations will lose the opportunity to make reservations.  The crowding of Rec Sports court space requires more sharing and cooperation among all Rec Sports participants.




    Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are allowed to make reservations within IM Circle as long as they submit an Activity Planning Form (APF) through the Department of Student Life.  In general, IM Sports West and IM Sports East are not available for RSO reservations due to the high volume of student programs, participation and limited available space.   This space is reserved through the facility manager.  Available space and rental procedures at IM Circle are as follows:

    DANCE STUDIO (Rm. 218) and UPPER GYM (Rm. 216)

    • Monday – Thursday may be reserved for 1, two hour block free of charge
    • Friday – Sunday, 1 two hour block may be added to a M-Th reservation free of charge, as long as the space has not been reserved by other authorized users
    • One time only reservations are charged a facility rental fee, as they further eliminate open recreation opportunities for other MSU students, fees vary depending on length and time of day

    LOWER GYM (Rm. 127)  -- This gym is generally reserved for IM Sports and Open Recreation

    • Limited availability – contact the Facility Manager Angela Michael, to explore potential available dates/times





  • 2 Indoor Gym Areas
  • 2 Dance Studios
  • Badminton Courts
  • Indoor Pool
  • Full Locker Rooms- * Must register MSU ID here to access pool/locker rooms. 

    *This site is being reconfigured and is currently not working. Due to Covid-19 our spring locker clearance has been delayed. We will re-register I.D.'s once the building is open and people have had time to return to campus and get their items.

  • Individual Lockers w/ Key
  • Equipment Rental Office
  • new changing room
  • Private changing areas are now available.

Location - map

IM Sports Circle is located on Circle Drive just northeast of the Spartan Statue, and west of the MSU Library.