Roller Hockey

The MSU Roller Hockey program is known in the collegiate roller hockey world as one of the most respected and elite programs in the country. The first official season of the club was in 1993.  Both the Division I team and the two Division III teams finish at, or near, the top of the Midwest Collegiate Roller Hockey League (MCRHL). The trip to the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (NCRHA) national championship tournament has become routine for MSU teams in both divisions. The DI and DIII teams are also consistently ranked among the top five teams in the country, respectively. The great success of the program comes from the teams' determination to win, commitment to practice, and hard work.  The program strives for success and upholds a level of class that transcends the sport of hockey itself.  While MSU Roller Hockey has continued to have success in the MCRHL, the DI and DIII teams are looking to take their success to the next level by winning the NCHRA national championship.