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On August 1st, the Department will transition to a new version of our website. Please prepare to update any bookmarks or saved pages that you use frequently. Thank you for your understanding as we attempt to improve your user experience.


The Department of Recreational Sports and Fitness Services provides many facilities for on-campus and off-campus recreation. Among the four indoor facilities are two fitness rooms, multiple basketball courts, three volleyball courts, two indoor pools, over a dozen racquetball/squash courts, two group fitness studios, a turf arena, two cycling studios, a ballroom, and an indoor roller rink.

The outdoor facilities include a sailing center on Lake Lansing, soccer fields, flag football fields, sand volleyball courts, club fields, tennis courts, and an outdoor pool.  Most outdoor facilities are lighted for intramural competitions. 

What is a Valid MSU Issued ID Card?

Eligible recreational participants MUST bring a valid MSU Issued ID Card to enter any Recreational Sports and Fitness Services facility. To be considered VALID, the person's status with the University (student, staff, and spouse) must be in good standing according to our scanning system when entering the facilities. Additionally, an MSU Issued ID Card must clearly show all pertinent information on the front (picture, name, PID number). If you have questions about the validity of your MSU Issued ID Card, please visit Room 170 in the International Center.