Our Covid-19 Response

Below is an outline of some of the changes that will be made in order to operate in a COVID-19 environment at the Michigan State University Sailing Center for the summer of 2020. The “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order states that people may still enjoy on the water and outdoor activities while practicing social distancing.  The MSUSC will be committed to complying with all Federal, State, University and Local laws, guidelines, executive orders, mandates, and public health guidelines, as they relate to COVID-19.

  1. We will follow all sanitation guidelines outlined by Brandon Baswell, Service Manager from IPF and custodial services as well as all guidelines from the CDC and OSHA.
  2. Employees will need to self-screen before coming to work each day, and if they have any symptoms, including a fever over 100.4, they will need to stay home. Using the MSU screening process, currently in paper format, found on the MSU coronavirus website.
  3. There will be an employee stationed near the front street entrance to the MSUSC so that we can control the amount of people that enter the facility and maintain 6-foot social distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizer will be provided here as well. Participants and members will need to read signage and speak to a MSUSC staff member before entering through the front gate.
  4. Clear signage will be posted at the front gate and on the website outlining all rules and guidelines as they pertain to COVID-19.
  5. All staff and participants will wear a face covering while on site. UV sailing masks are a bit easier to breathe through and provide additional UV protection while working outdoors.
  6. The main office will be open only to MSUSC employees and only 3 staff can be in office at one time (15’x30’ space).
  7. Every effort will be made to conduct transactions and waivers online or on participant’s phone. We will be CASH FREE and transactions will be done through a plexiglass protected side window of the office.
  8. Participants will be encouraged to come prepared to be on the water and keep all personal items in their vehicle or outside the building. Changing tents are something that we are looking into.  If it is necessary to enter the boathouse or use the restroom, it must be done one at a time. Flow pattern will be taped to floor so that participants go directly to and from the restroom without lingering in other areas of the facility.  Participants will also need to bring their own water bottle and sunscreen.
  9. Sanitized life jackets will be handed to participants and every effort will be made to keep non staff members out of the boathouse area. Life jackets will only be used once a day and sanitized after each use.  Staff members will be trained in this process and wear all necessary PPE gear. 
  10. Singlehanded kayaks and sailboats will be required for all participants unless they are from the same household. Boats and paddles will be sanitized between uses.
  11. We will stagger the times that participants leave and return to our docks and use all dock space to maintain distancing requirements.
  12. Staff members will maintain 6-foot distancing with participants unless there is an emergency on the water situation. We will further restrict operations during adverse conditions (high wind speeds, unfavorable weather, etc.) to prevent capsizes and other scenarios in which participants might need assistance.
  13. Picnic tables will be removed, and efforts will be made to prevent participants lingering around the MSUSC after they return from the water.
  14. Plans will be in place to close the facility or conduct a deep cleaning if there has been a potential exposure by staff or participants. Staff members who are exposed will be subject to a 2-week self-monitoring period; they will also be instructed to inform those with who they have come in contact of the potential exposure.
  15. Student employees will be instructed to complete the MSU Health Screening form before the start of their shift each day. Area managers will ensure this requirement is fulfilled.

This is a dynamic process and we will make changes based on recommended best practices from government agencies, national governing organizations, and other programs around the country. 

We are looking forward to getting everyone safely on the water and enjoying the summer on Lake Lansing!  Thank you for your help in keeping staff members and others safe while at the MSUSC.  Please reach out to me with any questions.


Scott Petritz
Facility Manager, MSU Sailing Center