Are you ready to make a lifestyle change, improve your fitness level, and begin a happier, healthier tomorrow? Then the SPARTANfit program is for you! 

This 12-week program provides you with motivation, accountability, and support as well as opportunities to thrive and obtain a higher level of personal health through a variety of fitness and wellness experiences.

You can expect to meet with a friendly and engaged professional or peer student wellness coach who will help you reflect on your current fitness and wellness habits and guide you in creating a plan to make changes and set SMART goals so that you can work towards becoming the healthiest version of you!

The SPARTANfit program includes:

Students: $35

Fitness Assessment
The Pre-Comprehensive Assessment will help to determine your current level of fitness. A series of resting and exercising measurements will be performed to help establish your fitness baseline in order to set goals. The Post Assessment will assess the progress you’ve made throughout the program. 

Wellness Coaching
The goal of Wellness Coaching is to identify and create the conditions in the participant’s life that will lead them to a life of thriving and optimal performance. Wellness coaching enhances your physical and mental well-being through empowering conversations which help to identify and utilize your personal strengths to achieve your goals. Meeting with your coach every other week, you will review progress toward your goals, explore and resolve pressing obstacles, and then establish a new set of short term goals for the following weeks.


  • On average, participants who completed the IMSPARTANfit program increased their total fitness score by 15 points or an increase of at least one fitness category (example from Fair to Fit).
  • 87% of participants self-reported achieving their 3-month goals.
  • 100% of participants reported that the program very positively or positively impacted their self-confidence, physical health, mental health, and ability to live a healthy, active and thriving life!

Participant Feedback:
“So many times as students we are constantly one the go and don't have time for ourselves. When grades start to drop, stress level is beyond belief, and you find yourself in a bad place, you need an outlet to regroup and find yourself again. This program is just that. Finding your true self while, relieving stress, nourishing your body with healthy foods, having time for yourself, and setting weekly, and mostly goals.” 
- Comment from a Participant

For more information, please contact Kristin Traskie 517.353.7868