Milton & Kathleen Muelder Swim Scholarship

The Milton & Kathleen Muelder Scholarship is for children between the ages of 4 and 14 years of age whose parents are CURRENT STUDENTS living in Michigan State University housing.  The scholarship covers the cost of one session per semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) for each child (ages 4 - 14) listed on the lease agreement. Prior to applying for scholarship you MUST first register and pay for a class using the online registration.  Once a class is secured you can apply for scholarship by emailing a valid copy of your Michigan State University housing contract listing all dependent children (ages 4 - 14).  Notification of Scholarship Award will be made immediately upon verification of valid Michigan State University housing contact.

  • Not eligible: Michigan State University faculty/staff, adjunct professors, visiting Scholars or University employees.

TO APPLY:  Email a copy of your housing agreement to Brian Fickies at .  Please wait 3-5 business days for approval.  Office is located in the IM West building room 219.