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Frequently Asked Questions

Where/how do I register a team or as an individual for an intramural sport or event? 

Visit, create a student account using your email address, then either create or join a team in the league that you want to participate in. You can also visit our How To Sign Up page for more details!

Contact Ross Winter, Assistant Director, and he will be available to assist you as well.

How much does it cost to play Intramural Sports or Events?

Costs vary from sport to sport and event to event.  A list of sports, events and prices can be found on the Intramural Sports web page under Fall, Spring or Summer Schedule.

How are teams formed for Intramural Sports?

Participants usually form intramural teams with their friends, residence hall floor, fraternity or sorority.  All sports use for scheduling and roster management, please visit the How to Sign Up page for more instructions.  All sports require participants to bring their MSU Issued ID to each game/match.  When a participant signs-in for a contest, the participant is now a member of that team for the season. 

What happens if I forget to bring my MSU Issued ID to an Intramural Sport or Event? 

If a participant forgets to bring their MSU Issued ID to a game/match or event they will NOT be allowed to participate in that game/match. 

How many participants can be on a team?

All team rosters can have an unlimited number of participants.  At any time during the regular season you may add a new participant to the roster.  However, during the playoffs, rosters are frozen, meaning only those who played in a regular season game/match may participate in playoff games/matches. 

What if I do not have a team to play on for a sport?

The best solution is to register yourself as an IM Leagues free agent, which will place you into the free agent database for that sport, please visit the How to Sign Up page for instructions.  

How many teams can I play on?

Players can play on one team per league in each sport, except in ice hockey. Players can only play on one ice hockey team, regardless of league. For example, a male student could play on one men's soccer team, one corec soccer team, and his neighborhood soccer team; since these three teams are in three different leagues. However, players cannot play on one DI and one DII team because the skill level divisions reside in the same league.

How do I become an Intramural Sports official or scorekeeper? 

Sports officials are typically hired in the Fall Semester of each school year. Officials are hired on an as needed basis based on officiating experience, qualifications, and personal skill set. Please visit the Student Employment page to submit an online application.