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Reservations and Rentals

To reserve or rent the activity spaces listed below the following critera must be met and completed prior to the reservation: 

Your student organization must be registered (exception: major governing groups, and living unit groups) with the Department of Student Life, 101 Student Service Building, to be allowed to use University facilities and services.

An Activity Planning Form (APF) must be completed with the Student Life Office to plan an activity on the MSU campus.

These activities and their time, place, and manner must be scheduled according to University policies and procedures.

The activity for which a facility is requested cannot physically conflict with other previously scheduled events or interfere with basic facility requirements.

Student organization members are encouraged to consult with the Department of Student Life staff, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM., if assistance is needed in planning and implementing a student event.

If the activity is revenue-producing (fund raising) and if the event requires University services or facilities for which there is a fee, organizations must have an active/open University account. The general policy for "University Financial Accounts" is further detailed on the Student Life web-page.

The student organization's representative will retain a copy of the e-mail stating this is an approved APF. Student groups are required to have their copy with them at the event, and it is advisable to keep the form for your records.

If your event is a social event (e.g. dance, party, concert, etc.) where persons beyond the organization's membership are invited, an APF must be initiated well in advance of the desired date for the activity. Major events should be planned several months prior to the date of the event. For other activities (1.e group meetings, educational speakers, etc.), an APF should be initiated at least two weeks in advance of the event in order to allow enough time to secure services and facilities and do adequate event planning.

For more information about Facility Rentals, please contact the appropriate staff member and/or consult our Rental and Activity Fees page.

IM Sports West - Facilities

Available for Rent     Contact    
Class Room 203 - details     Joel Eddy
Class Room 208 - details Joel Eddy
Class Room 215 - details Joel Eddy
Gym 1 - details Joel Eddy
Gym 2 - details Joel Eddy
Gym 3 - details Joel Eddy
Indoor Pool - details Brian Fickies    
Outdoor Pool - details Brian Fickies
Sports Arena - details Joel Eddy
Turf Arena* - details (517) 355-5250

*Daily Reservations can be made at the IM Sports West Service Center - (517) 355-5250

IM Sports East - Facilities

Available for Rent     Contact    
Main Gym - details Patty Oehmke 
Multipurpose Room - details Patty Oehmke

IM Sports Circle - Facilities

Available for Rent     Contact    
Class Room 106 - details Angela Michael    
Class Room 112 - details Angela Michael 
Class Room 126 - details Angela Michael 
Class Room 137 - details Angela Michael 
Dance Studio - Room 218 - details     Reservations
Indoor Pool - details Brian Fickies
Lower Gym - details Reservations
Upper Gym - details Reservations

Demonstration Hall - Facilities

Available for Rent     Contact    
Arena - details Brian Fickies    
Ballroom - details

 Chuck Roberts

Outdoor Facilities and Fields 

Available for Rent     Contact    
Vet Med Field - details Patty Oehmke  
Tennis Courts (South Neighborhood) - details     Joel Eddy
Service Road Field - details Patty Oehmke
Munn Field - details Joel Eddy
IM Sports East Field - details Patty Oehmke
Fee Hall Tennis Courts - details Patty Oehmke
IM Sports East Outdoor Sand Volleyball Courts - details     Patty Oehmke
IM Sports East Outdoor Basketball Courts - details Patty Oehmke