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MSU Issued ID Card

Eligible recreational participants MUST bring a valid MSU Issued ID Card to enter any Recreational Sports and Fitness Services facility. To be considered VALID, the person's status with the University (student, staff, and spouse) must be in good standing according to our scanning system when entering the facilities. Additionally, an MSU Issued ID Card must clearly show all pertinent information on the front (picture, name, PID number). If you have questions about the validity of your MSU Issued ID Card, please visit Room 170 in the International Center.  IM Circle participants must register your MSU id through our website to gain access to pool/locker rooms.

Assumption of Risk

Students are advised that participation in the RecSports Program involves physical risk. Participation is strictly voluntary. Injuries and their resulting cost are the responsibility of the participant. There is a possibility that a participant may be injured during the course of normal activities. This risk of injury extends to the physical being, as well as personal belongings that the individual may bring to the activity (including but not limited to eyeglasses, or personal possessions left on the sideline, in lockers, at Dem Hall, IM East, IM West, IM Circle, Munn Field, IM East Field, Vet Med Field and Munn Arena)


Deliberate destruction of University property and equipment, public property, or personal property of individuals will not be tolerated. All incidents can be reported to Student Services and MSU Police.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

If any participant is suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol by the supervisor or official on duty, the individual will be asked to leave the facility. If the individual does not cooperate with officials and supervisors to be removed, the suspected participant maybe escorted from the facility/field by MSU DPS. 

Assumed Name or Identity

Any participant using an assumed name or ID shall have the assumed ID confiscated. The true owner of the ID must contact the Facility Director to retrieve the ID. 

Intramural Code of Conduct

The Recreational Sports and Fitness Services Department takes sportsmanship very seriously and offenders will be dealt with accordingly. Sportsmanship policies will be enforced strictly to ensure the safety and enjoyment of ALL participants, including our Student Intramural Staff. Actions that are dangerous and/or conduct that is detrimental to the Intramural Program will not be tolerated and are grounds for suspension from further participation in all Intramural Sports activities.

The Intramural Program has the jurisdiction to suspend or remove individuals and teams from participation in any and all Intramural Sports activities. The Intramural Program and RecSports reserves the right to remove any player or team for involvement and/or further unsportsmanlike actions, and to refer participants to Student Services and make recommendations for their consideration.

Retiree Policy

Retirees are provided with the same priviledges and held to the same policies and proceedures of current Michigan State University Faculty and Staff. Each retiree must have an MSU Issued Retiree ID card to enter Rec Sports facilities.   

Family Recreation

Recreational Sports and Fitness Services offers designated times for family recreation and/or family swim. During these times students or faculty/staff who have dependent children are encouraged to explore and recreate at the designated times and facilities listed here.

*IM Circle participants must register MSU id through our website to access pool/ locker rooms.

*Dependent children must be accompanied by the student or faculty/staff, parent or guardian.

*For the purpose of utilizing family recreation, the Department of Recreational Sports and Fitness Services defines family as, dependent children of the respective student or faculty/staff member.

*In order for a spouse of MSU faculty, staff, or students to use the facilities outside of Family Recreation Hours, he/she must obtain a valid Spouse ID from the MSU ID Office and pay the neccessary fee (if applicable).

*Family Recreation is NOT for the extended family or friends of the family of the respective student or faculty/staff member.