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Pool Hours

 On August 1st, the Department will transition to a new version of our website. Please prepare to update any bookmarks or saved pages that you use frequently. Thank you for your understanding as we attempt to improve your user experience.


HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE FOR summer, holidays, breaks when school is not in session, athletic home games, maintenance, weather, etc. Please view the Pool Hours calendar below for a day-by-day display of pool hours.

Patrons must present a valid student, faculty, staff, spouse/partner, or community (outdoor pool only) MSU Issued ID Card to enter the pool facilities.

Lap Swim: 

Must be able to swim 2 lengths of the pool without stopping.  Jog belts are allowed at IM Circle (All day) and IM west diving well (10am - 2pm).  Diving boards closed.  No children (16 yrs and younger).

Open Swim: 

Open space to recreate in the water without swimming laps.  Some lap lanes available.  Diving boards open.    Jog belts allowed.

Family Swim: 

Children (16 yrs and younger) allowed with adult supervision.  Open space to recreate without swimming laps.  Children who are not toilet trained must wear rubber pants over diaper.  All participants must register their MSU id through our website to access IM Circle pool/locker rooms.

Current Pool Hours