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IM Sports West Pools

IM Sports West - Indoor Pool

Is a 6 lane 25 yard (22.86 meter) pool with separate diving well, ranges from 4.25 feet (1.3 meters) to 14 feet (4.3 meters) and is heated between 80F - 82F degrees.  Two 1 meter and 3 meter diving boards are available in the IM Sports West Indoor Pool.  The Indoor pool deck provides access to restrooms and locker room facilities. The pool is accessible by use of ladders and an aquatic lift.

Primary uses:  Swimming, diving and water polo competitions, lap swim, aquatic club practices and intramural's.

IM Sports West - Outdoor Pool

This large 8 lane 50 meter outdoor pool ranging in depth from 4.25 feet (1.3 meters) to 6 feet (1.82 meters) with separate 16 foot (4.9 meter) diving well is heated between 80F - 82F degrees.  One 1 meter and two 3 meter diving boards will occasionally open for recreational use. Locker room facilities and restrooms are available inside IM Sports West. The Outdoor Pool is accessible by use of ladders and an aquatic lift. 

Weather Policy:  Please be aware that the outdoor pool will close during certain weather conditions under the discretion of the Aquatics Director or Desk Supervisor.  Weather conditions include rainstorms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, high winds, and temperatures falling below 55 F. 

Primary uses:  Lap swim, family swim, sports clubs and summer camps.