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Sports Supervisor

Sports Supervisors are selected and promoted from the ranks of officials for their dedication to the program and previous demonstrations of leadership and maturity.  Sports Supervisors will be expected to achieve a current American Red Cross CPR/AED certification.

Sports Supervisors are the executive officers of the Intramural Program at all sanctioned intramural events.  Supervisors are ultimately responsible for the staff, the participants, the field and the equipment. 

The Staff

  • Supervisors must be model employees of this program and lead by example.
  • Defend your staff at all times, especially in the occasion of conflict.
  • Supervisors will assign the officials for each game and officiate when needed.
  • Help coordinate weekly work schedules and resolve scheduling conflicts.
  • Know and enforce all policies with the staff, discipline infractions as necessary.
  • Treat all staff with equal respect.

Sport Supervisors are expected to help raise the level of officiating in their program through:

  • Helping to coordinate, design, and deliver trainings for the intramural program.
  • Explanation and demonstration of the major aspects of sports officiating.
  • Evaluating officials regarding their mechanics, rule knowledge, and positioning.
  • Continually educating officials by providing constructive feedback.  

The Participants

  • Treat every participant in a fair, respectful and consistent manner.  
  • Never under any circumstances become aggressive, belligerent or rude.
  • Never give an unruly participant any cause to continue their behavior.

Sports Supervisors are expected to be able to handle the following situations:

  • Injured players – attend to their injury and document everything.
  • Ejected players – must be removed from facility and documented.
  • Team Captains/Managers wishing to protest a game.
  • Declaring a forfeit – Lack of legal players/late teams
  • Ending a game for any reason – fights or unsportsmanlike behavior
  • Any and all situations outside the scope of an officials job description

Paperwork – Score Sheets

Sports Supervisors must ensure all score sheets and other paperwork is correctly completed and returned to their correct locations.  The name of the winning teams must be circled and the scores checked.  In the case of an incident, accident, ejection, or injury, complete the report that appears on the back of the supervisor’s sheet in detail.  Verify that all officials that worked the game are correctly written in.  Finally, sign the score sheet on the provided line to finalize the sheet.

The Field and Equipment:

  • The safety of all players and staff is our highest priority.
  • Check the field and equipment for any issues that might impair the safety of the participants of staff.
  • Oversee the set-up and breakdown of all courts and fields.
  • Inventory all score boards, balls, and other equipment at the conclusion of games, notify the Director if any equipment is missing, lost or faulty.
  • Maintain the equipment and ensure that it is properly returned after every shift.
  • Ensure risk management procedures are adequately followed – C.P.R. courses will be offered throughout the year at no cost to the staff.  

Sport Specific Field/Court Binder

Each Intramural Sport is provided with a specific binder, which contains valuable information and resources.  The Sports Supervisors are required to regularly update and review the information contained in these binders.
Included in the binder are all the necessary forms that a Sports Supervisor may need in the course of their duties (injury, incident, ejection forms and blank score sheets). The Sports Supervisor must be personally responsible for everything within this binder.

Performance of Duties

A Sports Supervisor has the ability to take appropriate personnel decisions to complete their assigned tasks.  This includes suspending, dismissing, or disciplining a member of the staff for reasonable cause.  All such decisions are subject to review by the Director.  
A Sports Supervisor carries the same rank, and is expected to perform at the same level, regardless of which sport or event they are assigned.  Sports Supervisor’s must know the policies or the Intramural Participant Handbook as well and the facilities being used.  This includes but is not limited to the Intramural Participant Handbook and Employment Handbook.

Sports Supervisors are charged with:

  • The competent and efficient management of all intramural contests.
  • The completion of all required paperwork (score sheets, injury reports, et.).
  • Encouraging and maintaining the morale of the staff.
  • Being the representative of this Department during each and every shift.
  • Performing and other tasks assigned by the Director.