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Michigan State University

Sports Scorer/Timer

Sports Scorers/Timers are responsible for the game sheets, accurately scoring a contest and running the game clock.  Further, all Sports Scorers/Timers will be expected to facilitate the goals and operations of the Intramural Program in every way.  Further, Sports Scorers/Timers will be expected to achieve a current American Red Cross CPR/AED certification.  

The primary responsibilities for a Sports Scorer/Timer are

  • Keeping the score of a contest
  • Managing the game clock
  • Registering players on the game sheet
  • Checking the ID’s of each participant to confirm their identity
  • Recording jersey numbers for each player
  • After the conclusion of the contest getting both captains to verify the final score, by signing the game sheet in the appropriate place

Sports Scorers/Timers will be expected to help with the general operations of the sport at which they are working.  This includes, but is not limited to

  • Set up and break down of field locations
  • Returning equipment
  • Assisting with injured players
  • Documenting incidents, accidents, ejections, and injuries as they occur
  • Following the instructions and directions of the Sports Supervisor

Sports Scorers/Timers are required to understand, follow, and enforce all of the Employment Handbook policies and procedures.  This includes, but is not limited to

  • Complying with all facility policies
  • Arriving at scheduled shifts on time and reporting to the Sports Supervisor

Pay Attention

Always make sure you are watching the game.  There is no excuse for missing anything during a competition.  Incompetence and/or laziness will not be tolerated.

Be Accurate

Sign-in and verify all players before game time by checking their Valid MSU ID Card.  At the end of the game clearly record winning and losing teams on score sheet at completion of event.  Make sure to get both manager’s signatures on the accurate score sheet.


Players, officials, supervisors, and office staff will need to know what you have recorded.  Please make sure correct information is clearly displayed in a neat and simple fashion.