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Hiring Process

  1. Please visit for Recreational Sports and Fitness Services Job opportunities. 
    RECsports will hire over 150 MSU students to officiate and keep score during our Intramural Sports competitions. For more information please visit the Officials and Scorekeepers page. 
  2. Once a student has been offered a position with Recreational Sports and Fitness Services they MUST provide the following documents and information to the hiring supervisor before the first scheduled shift.  
  • Employment Application
  • Social Security Card
  • Drivers License or Passport
  • MSU ID Card

Failure to submit the preceding information and documents to the hiring supervisor, will nullify the employment opportunity.    

29 Hours per Week

A team member can work no more than 29 hours per week (20 for international students) regardless of position held in any Michigan State University unit.  It is the employee’s responsibility to notify the professional staff if they are approaching this limit. Going over 29 hours 3 times in one semester will result in immediate termination from all campus jobs by Human Resources.