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Are you ready to make a lifestyle change, improve your fitness level, and begin a happier healthier tomorrow? 
Need motivation, accountability, and support of a team of certified fitness and wellness professionals? Then the IMSPARTANfit program is for you! 
This 12-week program provides you with opportunities to thrive and obtain a higher level of personal health through a variety of fitness and wellness experiences.

It is never too late to feel great, so why wait? Join today!

(Space is limited) 

The IMSPARTANfit program includes:

Students: $35
Faculty/Staff: $75

Fitness Assessment
This comprehensive assessment will help to determine your current level of fitness. A series of resting and exercising measurements will help establish your fitness baseline in order to set goals, monitor performance, and assess progress throughout your exercise program. Following the assessment, you will meet with a SPARTANfit staff member to receive and discuss the results of your computerized, age-adjusted fitness profile. Additionally, you will work together to establish a tailored 3-month, goal-oriented fitness plan.

Wellness Coaching
The goal of Wellness Coaching is to identify and create the conditions in the participant’s life that will lead them to a life of thriving and optimal performance. Wellness coaching enhances your physical and mental well-being through empowering conversations which help to identify and utilize your personal strengths to achieve your goals. This strength-based approach will enhance their self-acceptance and self-esteem; give them strategies to navigate any transitions they might be facing, and help them thrive. Coaching topics can include, but are not limited to, anything that impacts your health, fitness, and general well-being. After your initial session, Wellness Coaching can happen via email, phone or continued face-to-face follow-up, bi-weekly or monthly. These sessions will help you to measure your success and progress, keep you engaged and provide you with opportunities to ask questions with continuous feedback.

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Kristin Traskie