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Adaptive Recreation


Recreational Sports and Fitness Services has 3 on-campus buildings dedicated to recreational activities. Adaptive recreational opportunities includes working out in our fitness centers, swimmingAdaptive Sports Club, Goal Ball, Wheelchair Tennis, Wheelchair Basketball Wheelchair Hockey and open recreation

IM Sports West houses our newest and largest fitness center on campus. The IM Sports West fitness center is equipped with free weights, an excellent set of pulleys that provides a nice safe upper body workout.  We also have a motomed which is designed for wheelchair users.  Wheelchair users do not have to get out of their wheelchair to use this machine.  It is possible to exercise arms, legs, or both at the same time.  This fantastic machine can give you updates on your performance during your work out.  The Motomed is located on the second floor of the IM Sports West fitness center.

The IM Sports East is also a great place to get fit on the East side of campus. This facility is well equipped with a fitness center, accessible racquet ball courts, and an indoor track. The IM Sports East fitness center is equipped with free weights, a Sci-Fit machine and a pulley system to help meet your fitness goals.

The IM Sports Circle is our oldest recreation facility on campus. In this building you will find gyms and a swimming pool.


Swimming at Michigan State University occurs in three of our recreational pools. The IM Sports Circle Pool has a set of aquatic stairs used for accessibility into the water.  The IM Sports West Indoor and Outdoor pools both have an aquatic lift and access to locker rooms. Floatation devices may be available if needed ask the lifeguard to check on out. More information about recreational aquatics can be found at this link

The Adaptive Sports Club:

We are actively recruiting athletes with disabilities to join our team!  Practice is on Tuesday and Thursday 7pm to 8:30 pm at Jenison Field House (1st floor, main gym) All equipment is provided.  Events we practice include; Boccia Ball, Wheelchair Slalom, Track, Field Events (discus throw, club throw, shot put, javelin, long jump), Hand Cycling, Table Tennis, and Wheelchair Tennis (1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm at the MSU indoor Tennis facility Mt. Hope Rd.)  Contact Piotr Pasik at :

Goal Ball is an adaptive activity for participants who are blind.  If interested in starting a league, please contact us!


Wheelchair basketball is scheduled to play in the IM Sports Circle Gymnasium.  Wednesdays from 4:10pm to 6pm in the first floor gym.

If you have worked out before college or have never worked out in your life, the Recreational Sports and Fitness Services Department has something for you. Please come check us out! If you need more information or have questions, contact Piotr Pasik at the above email or call him to set up an appointment to discuss what sport or recreation need we can assist you with. (248) 495-1049


 Upcoming Events:

Michigan Victory Games held at Michigan State, May 2016.

Thunder in the Valley Games (Saginaw Mi, May 2016)