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Personal Training

Components of the Spartan Wellness Program  

  • Mini-Fitness Evaluation
  • Body Composition
  • Cardiovascular & Strength Training
  • Goal Setting
  • Workout Strategies
  • Follow-up Consultation

Fitness testing includes strength analysis, postural analysis, gait analysis, movement imbalances, body composition, and blood pressure.

Consultation includes discussion of scores, norms, goal setting, educational material and an individualized exercise program.

All individuals who are involved in the group and individual training program must have a PAR-Q, Assumption of Risk form, and a Cardiovascular Health Screening Questionnaire on file before they are allowed to participate. These can be completed at the first meeting with the personal trainer.

Individual features of each component will depend upon the needs of the each client.

Personal Training services are available. Please contact Patty Oehmke with questions.


Personal Training Fitness Assessment and  Session fees
Student $35
Spouse of Student $35
Faculty/Staff $45
Spouse of Faculty/Staff $45
Personal Training - Package
5 Sessions 10 Sessions 15 Sessions
Student $150 $290.00 $350.00
Spouse of Student $150 $290.00 $350.00
Faculty/Staff $200 $340.00 $400.00
Spouse of Faculty/Staff $200 $340.00 $400.00