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Contact: Dan DeLongchamp


Phone: (248) 978-3671

Website: http://www.facebook/groups/


Mon. & Wed. 8pm-10pm


Upper Gym - IM Circle

Description of Club:

To teach, spread, and practice Kendo, the Japanese Way of the Sword.

Kendo is the Japanese martial art of fencing with a two handed cutting sword called the katana. Kendo practice is divided into kata and shinai keiko. In kata two kendoists practice a single technique in a pure setting. Each kendoist uses a solid wooden representation of a sword (bokuto), and cuts are stopped prior to contact. Kata allow a very deep study of the way of the sword.

In shinai keiko, the bokuto is exchanged for a flexible bamboo sword (shinai). Donning protective equipment allows cuts to be made realistically to full contact. Shinai keiko includes drills on basic attacking techniques, advanced combinations, and free-sparring.

The MSU Kendo Club sponsors a kendo seminar each year, and participates in regional and national level tournaments.

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