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Contact: Elle Andreen


Phone: (810) 280-6630

Website: Under construction


T/Th 5:30-7:30pm


IM West Racquetball Courts

Description of Club:

MSU Club Handball is a coed club sport open to all at MSU. The club plays both recreationally and competitively year round! Handball is typically played in a racquetball court and has the same rules as racquetball. The small rubber game ball is hit with either hand instead of a racquet, and leather gloves and eye guards are worn during play. The sport can be played in either 1 vs 1 or doubles format. Handball is very competitive, but also extremely fun and an excellent full body workout. Our team competes in various tournaments around the country, including the United States Handball Association Collegiate Tournament in February. The club has been very successful in national tournaments in the past. This year's tournament will be held at Arizona State University from February 22-29th. If you are looking to meet new people, play a fun competitive sport and get in better shape, please come check us out. Beginners are more than welcome and it is never too late to join! We are always seeking new athletes interested in learning this great sport, so please stop by one of our practices or contact on of our club officers.

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