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Contact: Rebecca Shappell


Phone: (717) 460-4362



T/Th 8-10pm; Sun 6:30-8:30pm


IM Circle (T/Th); IM West (Sun)

Description of Club:

The Michigan State Club Dodgeball Team was founded in 2003 by Aleks Bomis, and they have quickly grown into one of the biggest clubs sports on campus. We play in the National College Dodgeball Association. The NCDA is a league featuring colleges from across the country, and Michigan State has reached the National Championship game in 2013 and the Final Four in 2014. They have made the Final Four eight times, reached the National Quarterfinals seven straight seasons, and have also won the MSU Invite the last four seasons. The NCDA features schools such as Ohio State, Kentucky, DePaul, Gonzaga, Northern Georgia, Penn State, and Maryland. Our main rivals are Central Michigan University, Grand Valley and Saginaw Valley.

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