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Michigan State University

Building Hours

Building hours are subject to change for semester breaks, holidays, building functions, maintenance, weather, and/or athletic home games. Please check the Adjusted Facility Hours page daily to avoid confusion.

For pool and aquatics hours please visit this page.

Spring 2014 Building Hours


IM West

IM East

IM Circle

Monday 6am-11pm 6:30am-10pm 6am-10pm
Tuesday 6am-11pm 6:30am-10pm 6am-10pm
Wednesday 6am-11pm 6:30am-10pm 6am-10pm
Thursday 6am-11pm 6:30am-10pm 6am-10pm
Friday 6am-11pm 6:30am-10pm 6am-8pm
Saturday 10am-10pm 10am-7pm 12pm-5pm
Sunday 10am-10pm 12pm-8pm 12pm-5pm

*Family Recreation Hours - To view the Family Recreation Hours click HERE.